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Vtech Sleepy Glow Bear™

Vtech Sleepy Glow Bear™
Vtech Sleepy Glow Bear™
List price: LKR 16,000.00
Price: LKR 13,600.00
SKU: VT502100
Toys age group: 
0-6 Months
6-12 Months


Best for ages:

0 to 24 months

Drift off to dreamland with a cuddly bedtime buddy. The Sleepy Glow Bear™ by VTech® features a soft glow and comforting sounds and music that will soothe your little one to sleep. This cuddly plush bear features a soothing light that slowly fades in and out with sounds and music. Press the heart button to hear adorable and loving phrases, the music button to hear 40 lullaby melodies or the nature sounds button to hear soothing nature sounds. Choose from two levels of light intensity or turn the light off. Sweet dreams, little one!

Battery: 2 AA Batteries Required


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