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Djeco Origami Fortune Tellers

Djeco Origami  Fortune Tellers
Djeco Origami Fortune Tellers
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Toys age group: 
6-8 Years
8+ Years


Djeco have created a fun and modern version of the popular playground game of 'Chooses' in a new colourful way with a pink floral decoration. The kit includes lots of beautifully patterned origami papers with simple instructions on how to fold the papers to form the familiar game. There are also lots of illustrated stickers which can be used to mark each section with various challenges for the players. These include pretending to ride a horse or jumping as high as you can! Children love this game - it will keep them entertained for hours!

Complete with a variety of stickers, the game is a fantastic way of keeping the children entertained at any time of day and in rain or shine. 

Addition Information

  • Ages 6-11 years
  • Kit contains: 24 origami papers; 3 sheets of stickers; colour instruction booklet.
  • Pack measures: 21.5 x 23cm
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