Djeco Animambo Kalimba Thumb Piano

Djeco Animambo Kalimba Thumb Piano
Djeco Animambo Kalimba Thumb Piano
List price: LKR 3,650.00
Price: LKR 3,285.00
SKU: DJ06019
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Musical toys
Toys age group: 
4-7 years
7-12 years


Wooden Kalimba thumb piano with beautiful designing to delight children.

This wooden thumb piano is painted in bright, vibrant colours and co-ordinates with other instruments in the range. With a solid wood base, and metal keys,  this thumb piano can be comfortably held to play tuneful melodies!

Suitable from 4 years+

Visually appealing, this instrument makes a lovely sound and is a great gift to develop a child's love of music.

Addition Information

Box dimensions 17cm x 17cm x 5.5cm

Suitable from 4 years

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