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4M Crystal Garden

4M Crystal Garden
List price: LKR 3,000.00
Price: LKR 2,700.00
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S.T.E.A.M. - science, technology, engineering, art and math. Steam powered girls is a newly launched series by 4M specially designed for the young women of the 21st century. This line combines colorful products with scientific and technical principles to inspire fun and creativity. The crystal garden kit is a hands-on crystal growing experiment. Follow the simple steps to grow crystals in your choice of colors and sizes. Design and make your own stunning crystal garden. Includes 3 large bag white crystal compound, 3 seeding mixtures, stirring bowl, transparent cups (2 large, 1 Medium, 2 small), stirring spoon, 2 bags of white gravel, bag of colored beads, transparent blister cover, crystal display tray, and detailed instructions.Crystal Garden (STEAM Powered Girls) - Science Kit by Toysmith (3821)

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