LKR 8,200.00
SKU: SAF00111
  • Universal Lindam Gate Extension
  • Fits all new Lindam Safety Gates
  • Extend your current stair gate by up to 28cm
  • Colour Supplied: White
  • Lindam 28cm Extension allows you to extend any lindam gate by up to 28cm. The extension will fit all new standard lindam gates and is easy to fit and install. The extension simply slots on to either end of the gate and the pressure screws fit directly into the ends to create enough pressure to hold the gate steady. Conforms to all UK regulations and is safe for use with babies or toddler.
List price: LKR 10,000.00
Lindam Universal 28cm White Extension
Price: LKR 8,200.00

LKR 7,500.00
SKU: SAF00102
  • Extension may be used with any Dreambaby Liberty stair gate
  • Dreambaby 18cm gate extension
  • Easy to install, everything included
  • Gate will accept a maximum of two extensions one on each side of the gate

Dreambaby 18cm Liberty Gate Extension works with the Liberty Gate or the Liberty Extra Gate to extend the width of the gate. This allows for extra wide openings or doorways. Made for easy assembly the Dreambaby Liberty 18cm extenders are designed to increase the width of your Dreambaby Liberty stair gate.

List price: LKR 9,500.00
Dreambaby 18cm Extension For Liberty Stair Gate F902
Price: LKR 7,500.00


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