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EMCO Hot Shots - Raider

LKR 3,499.00
SKU: EM103036

The Hot Shots Raider is the perfect concealed blaster! One of the biggest in the Hot Shots range and packs a lot of power.

  • Fire as far as 12 metres.
  • Perfect for a cops and robber party.
  • Equipped with foam bullets.
  • Suitable for children 6+
List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 3,499.00

EMCO Hot Shots - Bolt FX

LKR 599.00
SKU: EM103016

Emco Hot Shots Bolt-X

The perfect concealed blaster! It might be small, but it packs a lot of power.

Bullet can be fired as far 10 metres.

Made from good quality materials.

Suitable and safe for children 6+

Package includes

  •  1 Blaster pistol
  •  3 foam bullets


List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 599.00

EMCO Hot Shots Air Striker

LKR 399.00
SKU: EM103014

Emco Hot Shots Air Striker

The Hot Shots Air Striker is the perfect concealed blaster! It might be small, but it packs a lot of power.

Insert the Bullet from the Blow Hole, then blow with all your strength.

List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 399.00

EMCO Mighty Machines-Mighty Wagon

LKR 2,699.00
SKU: EM101819

Mighty wagon mighty machine block 22 pc. Emco blocks are packaged in dragable wagons. To develop children's imagination and motor and spatial abilities by piling bricks

Many kids are fascinated by big machines, such as cement mixers, dump trucks, loaders, school buses, etc. Mighty Machines encourage creativity and learning through imaginative play. Excellent for developing motor skills and great for hand eye coordination. Mighty Machines is the perfect size for Toddlers. Blocks come in attractive colours. 

List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 2,699.00

EMCO Crashems Wave Car

LKR 499.00
SKU: EM101300

Develop your child's imagination by re-enacting car action scenes! Crash'Ems are crashable, AND can be re-assembled easily. Collect our many different & unique designs and crash'em all!

  • Brand - Emco
  • Recommended Age - Above 3 years
  • Pack contains - 1 x Crashems car
List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 499.00

EMCO Tiny Tots

LKR 1,599.00
SKU: EM101122

Tinytots, miniature baby toys for children aged 3 years and over, with a shape that resembles a baby, children will love to play, especially girls, She can act as a mother by pretending to feed a miniature baby, holding her, taking her for a walk, and other.

  • Emco miniature baby doll
  • Excellent for role play.
  • Suitable for children 3+
  • It consists of 1 doll and some kind of accessories that children like. Made of soft and quality material
  • Box contains 1 doll and miniature accessories that appeal to children.


List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 1,599.00

EMCO Nubiez - My Lil' Baby

LKR 549.00
SKU: EM101121

A collection of cute dolls from EMCO in the form of mini dolls that are packaged in cute crystal balls complete with a small bed inside that children can play and collect. Available in several choices of clothes and attractive colors to choose from. Made from materials that are safe & comfortable for your little one's hands.

List price: LKR 0.00
Price: LKR 549.00


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