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LKR 2,120.00
SKU: TT-44700638

Designed for use from 9 months, this small straw cup with a 150ml capacity, is a great alternative to a sippee cup.Up until this point your little one has been used to breast or bottle, so introducing a cup is a key step in their development and can play an important part in their weaning journey.To help the transition go smoothly this cup features a soft silicone straw that’s really easy to drink through, and your baby doesn’t need to tip the cup as much to get their reward.

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Tommee Tippee First Straw Cup 150ml, 9m+
Price: LKR 2,120.00

LKR 2,990.00
SKU: TT-44701538

When your little one is ready for more than a dinner ­time sip, this Straw Cup with a 230ml capacity comes in handy.The soft silicone straw is really easy to drink through, and they don’t need to tip the cup as much as they do with a sippee cup. When you’re out and about the straw flips down to stay clean and prevent spills.The soft straw on this cup is smooth and gentle on gums, even during periods of teething ­ and we’re also smooth and gentle on you: all our cups are dishwasher safe (on the top shelf) and can be sterilised in the microwave. Design may vary base on availability.

List price: LKR 0.00
tommee tippee easy drink straw cup 9m+ - 230ml
Price: LKR 2,990.00
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