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Velona Cuddles Looney Tunes PB 04 Pcs
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Velona Cuddles
Looney Tunes


The Velona Cuddles Looney Tunes Slim Fit Diaper offers Superior absorbency with upto 12 hours of protection, making it the perfect choice as a night diaper. You can proudly take your baby out in this diaper as it’s adorable baby looney tunes graphics, make it look like an outerwear piece.

Size     Baby Weight

PB        <2.5kg
NB       <5kg
S             3-8kg
M           6-10kg
L            9-14kg
XL         12kg +
*If your baby is nearing the top of the weight range, it may be time to consider moving up a size.

Chlorine Free Diapers

Addition Information

Diaper Brands: Looney Tunes Velona Cuddles

Looking For: Day Time


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