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  • DT006D-1
  • DT006D-1
Farlin Baby Wet Wipes (Refill) Skincare
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Farlin Baby Wet Wipes - Skincare are specially made alcohol and fragrance free. It offers thickened design for better cleaning with increased softness. Presence of Aloe, A natural moisturizing agent restores moisture balance on delicate skin. The thick design is also resistant to wear and tear while cleaning. The wipes are made from 100% soft rayon and natural moisturizing ingredients, lotion, plant extracts and pure water. Farlin Baby Wet Wipes - Skincare Packet is a unique design that allows you to take out wipes easily and lock it again for
moisture prevention.

  • Dimensions: 150x200mm 
  •  Qty 85 pcs/package
  •  Non-fluorescence, super enriched moisturizing effect.
  •  Unique easy-to-open lid design.
  •  Multipurpose and easy to carry.
  •  Keeps delicate skin clean and fresh. Soft & alcohol free.

85 pcs/package


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