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Drypers Drypantz Size L 36 Pcs Pack
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Weight Category        : Relevant for 9-14Kg

Drypers Drypantz Size L is available in packs of 36 Pieces.

Addition Information

Drypers Drypantz is recognized as the No. 1 Pants Diaper in Malaysia. It receives an Innovation Award Consumer Choice 2015/2016 which was voted and agreed by more than 2,000 consumers that this diaper is an innovative product.

Drypers Drypantz provides long lasting dryness for up to 10 hours and is incredibly comfortable and allows optimum freedom of movement whether the child is rolling, crawling, sitting or standing. It comes with fun, stylish & fashionable cartoon designs, just like little pants.

Active - CoreTM

Specially designed Drypers Drypantz Activ-Core™ helps to quickly absorb urine and prevent flow-back. This provides long lasting dryness for up to 10 hours to keep your baby’s skin dry, healthy and extra comfortable.


Drypers Drypantz Comfort Fit™ gives your baby maximum comfort, softness and flexibility while he is on the move playing and having fun. It is easy to slip it on and off. You can easily tear-off Drypers Drypantz on the sides and change it like a normal diaper when there's poo in it.

Breathability with 4 Natural Plant Extracts

100% fully breathable with 4 Natural Plant Extracts from Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive extracts and Vitamin E, your baby’s skin will feel cool, comfortable and protected.


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