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Pigeon Feeding Set
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  • Unique Feeding set for your baby.
  • Ideal for devloping weaning habits.
  • Easy to use spoon shape.
  • Safe for the baby.
  • The bowls are just right size to hold a child's meal.
  • The spoons are designed to fit baby's mouth comfortably and safely and you can safely feed the baby without any spillage.
  • Dimension: Cereal Bowl: 14.x14x2 cm and Soup Bowl: 10.x10.x4 cm
  • The cute character feeding set is especially designed for your baby to enjoy learning how to eat.
  • Slightly curve spoons fits snugly into little mouths
  • Weaning plate and bowl is developed so your baby can try new tastes easily
  • Makes meal time more fun for your baby
  • Contents: 1 Cereal Bowl • 1 Soup Bowl • 1 Feeding Spoon • 1 Baby Spoon
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