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Heat Resistant Glass Feeder (240cc) -Standard Neck
Heat Resistant Glass Feeder (240cc) -Standard Neck
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Price: LKR 2,400.00
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Standard Neck  240cc   Nipple Attached T-3
● High temperature shock resistance
● Best liability & Hygiene results
● Neutral so less milk smell remained

Safe Print
The print passed the act of California 65,with no toxic ingredient contained.
Curved Shape
Easy to hold design, reduced the chance to slip from mother’s hand.
Heat Resistance 500 Celsius
High temperature shock resistance about 150 Celsius
100% Superior Medical
Grade Borosilicate Glass with linear thermal expansion coefficient (3.3 +/- 0.1) x 10-6 / K low
expansion, high temperature resistance, high strength resistance, high hardness, high
transmittance and high chemical stability materials

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