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Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump
  • Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump
  • Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump
Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump
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Price: LKR 8,900.00
SKU: BF-640B
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  • A simple way to support breast feeding for your baby
  • Small, portable and convenient 
  • Provides consistent suction for more comfortable and efficient milk expression
  • The pump’s ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable hold and offers complete control when expressing milk
  • 360° Swivel handle. Suction adjustable by turning handle.
  • Breast shield with silicone liner, which eases the pain and massages the breast for promoting the milk flow
  • Can easily convert to a nursing bottle by using a cap and nipple included
  • Makes mother feeding to baby easy
    • The aspirated milk bottle can be converted into baby bottles by inserting the syringe and toilet lid.
    • The milk sucker with silicone gasket helps the breast massage gently and stimulates the milk to flow evenly


General considerations before using a suction machine

Using a breast pump is the way many mothers choose today. Breast milk brings a lot of advantages to the mother. However, not all mothers use the breast pump properly.

Dear moms, in order to make sure we have a lot of milk and some things to keep in mind before using the breast pump:

  • Before breastfeeding the mother should be comfortable, avoid angry wrangling will affect the amount of milk as well as milk quality.
  • Drink 1 cup milk / fruit juice / saturated before milking. 
  • Clean hands and feet. 
  • Cleaning the milking machine. 
  • Light breast massage (horizontal - vertical - spin).
  • Wipe the towel around the top of the ti. 
  • Wet the speakers to get close contact. 
  • Begin to gradually aspirate gradually increase, no sudden increase will cause breast pain. 
  • It is possible to breastfeed just to save time or suck on each side from 3 to 5 minutes / time. Or you can use a double breasted suction machine to suck up both breasts and save time.
  • Dissolve the milk in the milk storage container for the refrigerator (keep cool for 3 to 5 days, prevent ice -16 degrees C for 6 months and - 18 degrees C for 12 months)



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