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Farlin Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash 700Ml / AF-10004
Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash Eco-Friendly 700ml
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Price: LKR 2,198.00
SKU: AF-10004
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  • Plant Base Cleaning Agent: Eco-friendly cleansers, leaving a better planet for tomorrow
  • Natural Grease Remover Extract: Non-residue, safe and gentle in daily use
  • PH 5.5: Mild, non irritated for sensitive mother's hand skin
  • Suitable for all purpose of cleaning in the contact of baby mouth, like vegetables, fruits and toys
  • This product is recognized by ECOCERT, 100% natural source ingredients: plantcare 2000UP
  • Phosphate free, Phosphorus free, and Fluorescence free 
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