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Farlin Bottle Holder
  • Farlin Bottle Holder
  • Farlin Bottle Holder
Farlin Bottle Holder
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Price: LKR 2,770.00
SKU: BF-224
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Farlin 1S Insulated Bottle Holder is babys good partner when outing that is especially useful to
keep the warm water warm and the cold water cold. Even is convenient and practical for daily
use.Made from excellent quality material with a water resisting property.


  • Unbreakable, outer cloth washable
  • Convenient for traveling and late night feeding
  • With plastic tube and polylon for longer keeping warm
  • Easy to carry
  • Colour: As per the Stock Availability
  • The surface is water-resistant and washable
  • Portable and convenient for outgoing
  • Unique insulated materials keep warm or cold longer
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