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Farlin Automatic Streem Sterilizer 220V
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Price: LKR 13,700.00
SKU: TOP-216
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Farlin Auto Steam Sterilization insists constant 15 minutes of sterilization to kill the germs thoroughly. It keeps your baby germ-free & safe. Suitable for both standard and wide-neck feeding bottles, this sterilizer comes with a stainless boiling plate which is free from water mineral, at the same time, firm and durable. And it's simple to use, just one touch sterilize completely. Comes with an auto shut-off function too.
Product Features :

  •  Can sterilize 6 bottles in one time, tiet identical for 6 minutes with 90ml water only.
  •  Reheat function milk and baby food.
  •  Incubate function bottle and food warmer.
  •  Sterilizer effectiveness lasts for 3 hours.
  •  BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free.
  •  Sterilizers made ​​of polypropylene, does not contain BPA, according to European standards.
  •  Mechanism sterilized by steam at high temperature helps clean kill harmful bacteria without the use of any chemical agents.
  •  Central microprocessor with intelligent computer connected to the display helptrack time remaining sterile, bring the safety, convenience and efficiency.
  •  Products manufactured under the Green Saver technology environmentallyfriendly, energy saving.
  •  Polypropylene made. Use high temperature principle to destroy harmful bacteria, no chemical agent involved
  •  Microcomputer central processor inside achieves safety, convenience & efficiency
  •  Microcomputer liquid crystal display indicates the exact minutes left, doubleassured by sound prompt
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