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Velona Coloured Baby Vest only
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Price: LKR 160.00
SKU: VNB130012


Velona are an essential addition to your baby’s wardrobe. The fabric has been constructed to clothe a baby in very hot and humid climates where quick moisture wicking is essential. The extra stretchability of this fabric makes it very easy to stretch and dress on, without hassling baby in any way.

Design: Solid Pastel Colours
Sleeveless & Extra Stretchy for Easy Dressing.
Choose from a range of Unisex Colours which are suited for both boys and girls.

Age Range

3 months to 6 months
18″ – inches

6 months to 12 months
20″ – inches

12 months to 30 months
22″ – inches

30 months to 48 months
24″ – inches

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